Welcome to the world of Joshua van Iersel

Joshua van Iersel was included in the list of ‘Artist of the Year 2024’ based on the largest number of public nominations.

Self-taught visual artist Joshua van Iersel (1986)

Music and art form the profound foundation of all his actions and creations. From the deepest and darkest abstract feelings to the most positive explosions of emotions. His expressive working method evolves through a mix of pop art, street art, graphic design and explosive figurative works. The artist is the third generation of top expressionist painters in his family.

Joshua’s collection includes impressive XXL collages, series of paintings on canvas and smaller drawings. His paintings and drawings have been exhibited throughout Holland, Germany and Belgium for years. Besides solo and group exhibitions he created record covers, illustrations for underground mags, posters ‘n flyers and backdrops for both bands, music venues and events such as the Effenaar and Die Like Disco. He was a teacher at the art academy of Hamburg and plays in infamous bands like St. Cordell, Stereo Monster Men, Beukorkest, Phantom Engineer and Balzac-Tijger.

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